Application Guidelines


Please supply the following:

  • Name, Contact Information, Current Professional Affiliation, and CV including all Graduate Degrees, Honors, Awards, and recent publications and projects.
  • References: Kindly furnish the names of two references and other sponsors of this Project.
  • Problem: What is the problem that this project addresses?
  • Abstract: (250 words) Summarize the nature of the problem, the specific aims that the proposal will address, the hypothesis that underpins the proposal, the research design and the anticipated results.
  • Study Design: Outline how each of the specific aims will address the hypothesis, how the data will be gathered and analyzed, anticipated results and potential pitfalls in the outcome and strategies for dealing with them.
  • Institutional Review: Describe status of the Institutional Review and IRB Approval.
  • Results: How will the results be presented, how will they be integrated with the overall mission of the Bernadotte Foundation and plans for presentation and publication.
  • Anticipated Benefit: Describe the benefits that successful completion of the project will have on the problem itself, follow-on projects, development of ties with other funding agencies and their involvement with the goals of the Bernadotte Foundation.
  • Budget: Describe in detail the Proposed Budget.
  • NIH Bio Sheets

Submission and Conditions

Grant applications should be submitted in PDF format to
Dr. Marilyn Miller—Chairman of Medical Awards and Advisory Committee

As a Condition of awarding a Grant , we expect that the contribution and support of the Bernadotte Foundation will be noted on any published reports, articles or abstracts and mentioned at any oral presentation or symposium. We would expect the Award of a Travel Grant would be acknowledged at the Symposium. It is also expected that that the Foundation will receive a copy of any written report and that it may be published on the Foundation’s Web Page with proper attribution to the author and prior publications. It is further understood and agreed that the name of the recipient will be mentioned on the Foundation Web Page.

Please note that submitting this Application does not bind the Bernadotte Foundation in any way, but you should receive an acknowledgement of receipt of the Application and some indication of when it will be considered and a decision made.

Note: Bernadotte Foundation awards may be paid by check or wire transfer to the recipient’s banking institution, but we shall require complete and precise payment instructions prior to making any payments. Awards will usually be made and paid in US Dollars.

Thank you for your interest.
The Medical Awards and Advisory Committee

  • Dr. Marilyn Miller, Chair
  • Dr. Paul Chan
  • Dr. Gerd Holmstrom
  • Kathy Spahn